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Banofee pie


  • One tin condense milk

  • 100g Golden Oatz

  • 100g digestive biscuit

  • 40g brown sugar

  • 80g melted butter

  • 200g cooking cream

  • 1/4 tea spoon vanilla essence

  • Chocolate powder and chocolate bar


  1. Put condense milk into brass & cook it in oven in 90 minutes at 200C.

  2. Blend Golden Oatz, digestive biscuits, brown sugar and melted butter together.

  3. Put blended ingredients in pie mould and flatten them.

  4. Put the mould into freezer in 1 hour/ bake at 5-10 minutes at 140C-150C.

  5. Pour caramel sauce on the pie and put banana slices on the top

  6. Beat cooking cream and vanilla essence until fluffy.

  7. Put the cream on top of banana slices

  8. Sprinkle chocolate powder and chocolate slice at the end.



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